Bongar EnviroSystems Technologies Corporation


About Us

The Bongar Family has always been involved with environmental concerns of the country started by their patriarch Engr. I.M. Bongar, who was sent by his Employer to train in the U.S.  in 1967 for the Design and Construction of Sewage Treatment Plants.


In 1978, Engr. I.M. Bongar established I.B. ENGINEERING, his own proprietorship which built its first STP contract for Texas Instruments in Baguio City.    In 1991, it became a Family Corporation and did not only construct Buildings and Waste Water Treatment Plants but also began to fabricate Solid Waste Composting and Recycling Facility Equipment.


After years of service, Engr. I.M. Bongar and son, also an Engineer, together established a Company, Bongar Envirosystems Technologies, formed as a Partnership between father and son in November 3, 2004.  On September 28, 2009, the partnership was dissolved and converted to a Closed Family Corporation under the name BONGAR ENVIROSYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES CORP., with all the other siblings involved in the business. 


To date, we have undertaken several Waste Water Treatment Plants, Solid Waste Composting and Recycling, and Structural Steel Fabrication Projects all over the Philippines.

The bright future of this Corporation relies on the issue of Global Climate Change and the Government’s strict implementation of Republic Act 9275, The Clean Water Act; Ecological Solid Waste Act of 2000; and Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999.

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